Alexander Steiner

Alexander Steiner

iOS App/Swift Developer

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About me

My name is Alexander Steiner, or short Alex. I am a software developer for more than 7 year and I am experienced in web development and in simple server structures. For more than 5 years I also successfully develop iOS apps for startups. But I also work in a human resource (HR) startup as a developer.

For further questions to my person I am always available.

My Projects

project software-tapas

Software Tapas

With Software Tapas we provide all kind of services related to software development. I'm a Co-Founder of this company and with my skills in iOS and Server development we create state of the art and robust software for clients.

project echometer


I co-founded Echometer as part of the Founders Academy. Our goal is to help companies better understand employees and organizational culture.

project momentmap


The startup MomentMap is a social network where people can spontaneously share their experiences with the world. In this project, I develop the iOS app and design the concept with our team.

project three-app


"Three!" is an iOS app that challenges your responsiveness and has a simple way of playing. Tap, tap, and tap to win. Try it directly!


Jugendhackt Berlin & Cologne

Jugendhackt is an event for young people who enjoy programming. I had participated there for 4 years and it was always nice to meet other people who share the fascination for IT and to work with them on an own project.

DB Open Data Hackday 2016 Berlin

After a successful project at Jugendhackt, the company Deutsche Bahn invited my team to their own hackathon in Berlin to continue working on our idea. The idea was to make the mobile network coverage on a railway line as a crucial factor in the route calculation.

Festival of Code 2015 UK

The "Festival of Code" was a UK-wide event for young people who are interested in technology and programming. In 2015, other teens and I spent a week working on a fitness platform where you could compete with friends. We won the SAP challenge and were awarded for our project.